Investment Approach



Our objective is to establish equitable positions in real estate projects. These projects are acquired and designed to produce an immediate cash flow. The equity in the project is a primary consideration in the acquisition process in order to support the investment decision.



Projects are acquired through specific growth models that project our long and short term interests from three to five years. Those interests include protecting the assets of our joint venture partners, funding partners and investors.



Experienced real estate investors using specific selection criteria to support the acquisition of properties. Re-positioning includes a thorough due diligence process, cost reductions and value added improvements to enhance the protection of our investments.

Investment Strategy

To invest across a broad range of markets and industries, including private and public properties in early and late stages of real estate development. We are not limited by size or location with respect to the potential appreciation and growth in the project.
Our approach is to implement exceptional management teams with the skills, commitment and experience to develop or improve a successful income producing project.

Sectors of Focus

We are flexible with respect to sectors and seek opportunities within multi-family units, single family homes and commercial projects with equitable positions. Projects are three to five-year growth term within market allowances. We consider relevant projects that meet our specific and clearly defined criteria including, but not limited to, special or distressed situations.

Geographic Focus

We seek investment opportunities throughout metropolitan and suburban areas within the continental United States. Acquisitions should be located in projected lines of progress exhibiting employment growth, housing deficits, economic and commerce development supporting potential emerging markets.
We are flexible with respect to investment structure, financing, and time horizon. Market conditions will dictate these factors in order to tailor acquisitions to the specific needs and objectives of each individual investment project.